Tues. Hot Reads: High Fee Index Funds Persist

November 20, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Persistence Of High-Fee Index Funds (WealthManagement)
These funds continue to charge high fees for basic index exposure; many investors still paying up.


Every FAANG Stock Down More Than 20% (CNBC)
Each of the five "FAANG" stocks closed in a bear market Monday.


US Homebuilder Index Drops By Most Since 2014 (ThinkAdvisor)
Buyer-interest gauge "pretty weak"; may become more concerning.


Developing Balanced Portfolio Amid European Volatility (WisdomTree)
How investors could diversify risk.


ESG Ratings New Credit Rating For Stock Prices? (ThinkAdvisor)
New MSCI study of ESG ratings finds they have similar impact on share prices.


‘XLP’ On Rise In Shaky Market (Motley Fool)
The more the market falls, the more "XLP" finds new fans.


What's Behind False Claims About Indexing? (Advisor Perspectives)
Vanguard research suggests many criticisms unfounded.


Time To Long ‘TLT’? (Seeking Alpha)
Several factors suggest the Treasury Bond ETF is due for rebound.


Short-Vol Strategies Extensive, Widespread (Alpha Architect) 
Could volatility “cascade” cause crash across correlated asset classes?

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