Tues. Hot Reads: To Index Bonds Or Not

December 04, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


To Index Bonds Or Not (Morningstar)
Three considerations: income, total return and diversification.


Yield Curve Inverts (CNBC)
“Inversion” occurred Monday between three- and five-year notes and two- and five-year notes.


11 Exotic ETFs For When S&P 500 Isn't Enough (Forbes)
How Cambria’s lineup of ETFs goes beyond the S&P 500 to where few other funds do.  


SEC Adopts Rule Letting Broker-Dealers Release Research Reports On ETFs (Think Advisor)
Rule requires several conditions be met.


Wakeup Call Needed On Fixed Income's Benefits? (Think Advisor)
Survey: Investors seek income mainly through dividend-paying equities.


ESG Still For ‘Enthusiasts’ (WealthManagement)
Report: Environmental, social and governance investing is still a small corner of the financial advisory world.


What Happens If We Have A Flat Market? (Barron's)
Pershing's CEO says RIAs face changing economics and a grave shortage of talent.


5 Wealth Management Tasks An Algorithm Can Do (Think Advisor)
New Fiserv white paper examines role data-driven robotic process automation can play in the wealth management field.

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