Tues. Hot Reads: Low Vol ETFs Doing Their Job

October 16, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Low-Vol ETFs Doing Their Job (Kiplinger)
Many low-volatility ETFs are actually delivering smaller losses in down markets. 


High-Yield Bond ETFs Fall Victim To Stock Slump (MarketWatch)
Investors fled from high-yield corporate bonds as stock-market contagion spared few corners of the investment universe.


REITs: Bond Proxy Or Economic Growth Barometer? (Invesco)
REITs can participate in a growing economy, but these assets don’t automatically fall in price as interest rates rise.


Investors Flee Largest Financials ETF (Bloomberg)
SPDR’s ‘XLF’ had $1.1 billion pulled Friday, most in a decade.


Fee War Moving To Advisors? (ETF Educator)
With ETF fees continuing to fall, spotlight shifting toward financial advisor compensation.


Beware Self-Serving Retirement Plan Info (Think Advisor)
Too many proxies mask themselves under guise of wealth management.


Fed’s Powell: Our Fiscal Path Unsustainable (Advisor Perspectives)
But he still believes Fed’s monetary policy is working.


Betterment's Low-Fee Evangelist Has Algorithm For You (Bloomberg)
Platform's simplicity gaining followers; old guard wants in.


Fidelity Rolls Out Crypto Trading & Custody Firm (Think Advisor)
Fidelity Digital Assets will target institutions looking for a big-name platform provider.


Playing Defense & Offense With Factor Strategies (Indexology) 
Over shorter time horizons, factors can be pretty cyclical. 


Dump ‘SPY,’ Buy This Instead (Seeking Alpha)
Some new products from Innovator Funds may be the core holding you need.


Improving The Value Odds (Factor Research) 
Market skewness may signal when to consider targeting value factor.

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