Tues. Hot Reads: Momentum Misses, Again

April 03, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Quants Chasing Momentum Get New Quarter, Same Bad Results (Bloomberg)

Trend-following momentum ETFs like ‘MTUM' aren’t showing much momentum.


What's A Reasonable Expectation Of Long-Term Portfolio Returns? (Abnormal Returns)

We quizzed two dozen finance bloggers.


Best Major Index For US ETFs (Forbes)

Several reasons explain why the “winner” is so robust.


Small Caps Rebound Big In March (Indexology) 

Small-caps and midcaps showed strength in equal-weighted indexes.


Japan Data Suggests Easing Bias (WisdomTree)

What Japan’s corporate and political climate looks like right now and what it means to Japan ETFs.


Best & Worst ETFs Of March (Zacks) 

You might be surprised by the funds at the top and bottom of the performance rankings.


Traders Still Like These Leveraged Sector ETFs (MarketWatch)

Some funds tracking financials still favored by risk-tolerant traders.


Will Electric Transmission Stocks See Tax Shock Too? (Barron's)

New tax ruling affecting MLPs could impact stocks in 'XLE.'


Cheap Value ETF For April (MarketWatch)

ETF investors hoping value stocks will rebound have several options.


What Taxi Data Reveals About Meetings Between Fed, Major Banks (Institutional Investor)

Research shows Fed seems to be respecting blackout periods. But what happens once those lift?


5 Things To Watch In April (Invesco)

First quarter was turbulent. More volatility ahead.

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