Tues. Hot Reads: Risks Of Index Investing

July 24, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Low Cost Index Investing May Not Be Low Risk (Think Advisor)

Index investors face huge risk that few appreciate.


Crypto Really Wants A Bitcoin ETF (CoinDesk) 

Investor input from SEC's comment period on latest efforts to launch a bitcoin ETF.


Active Or Passive Management? Or Both? (MainStay)

Equities are key, but don’t always perform as expected.


Bringing Glamour To Infrastructure ETFs (MarketWatch) 

Digging into the details of a next-generation infrastructure fund.


Single Vs. Multifactor ETFs (Wealth Management)

Sector exposure can vary even inside similar-sounding strategies.


How To Tap Buybacks With ETFs (Zacks)

Against the current economic backdrop, investors might eye these four ETFs.


2 ETFs Flash Warning To Broader Stock Market (Yahoo)

Block traders can help determine market’s next moves.


What Fed Will Signal At Meeting Next Week (Think Advisor)

Fed must decide whether to tweak prior market signals on future rate hikes.


Alphabet Stock Soars As Google Earnings Smash Record (MarketWatch)

Even after the EU antitrust fine, Alphabet beat earnings by more than $2/share.

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