Tues. Hot Reads: Short S&P 500 ETF In Hot Demand

January 08, 2019

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Short S&P 500 ETF Sees Most Demand Since 2010 (Bloomberg)
SH” took in $380 million last week.


Investors Fled Mutual Funds In Record Numbers (CNBC)
Mutual funds invested in equity and bonds lost a record $152 billion in December, says TrimTabs Investment Research.


Best Or Worst Of Times For ETFs? (Financial Planning)
Last year, ETF closures hit a record. But ETFs as a vehicle keep on trucking.


An Evolving Quality ETF (MarketWatch)
The quality factor can be captured with ETFs, but it can also evolve over time. 


2 Hidden Market Risks In Government Shutdown (SPDR)
Prolonged shutdown can raise a host of hidden market risks that can impact investors.


Herding & Mutual Fund Performance (Alpha Architect)
Does herding behavior reveal skill? A look at a paper that considers the issue.


How ‘Buffer Protect’ Options Strategies Can Help Investors (Indexology)
An approach that can protect investors and let them participate in upside.


Real Winner Possible In US-China Trade War? (Invesco)
In an era of globalization, trade wars mean losses for all sides.


Why Fed’s Inflation Mandate Should Evolve (BlackRock)
Are today’s inflation drivers misunderstood?

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