Tues. Hot Reads: US ETF Asset Base Declines

May 15, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


US ETF Providers See Asset Base Decline (Forbes)

Return of volatility represented a head wind for U.S.-listed ETFs despite strong inflows.


Money Flowing Into Passive Bond Funds (CNBC)
Migration to passive management happening in fixed-income markets, but at slower rate than stocks.


What You Don’t Know About Overvalued Markets (Reformed Broker)

Hint: Sometimes the fundamentals justify them.


Inside Race To Build Better Bitcoin ETF (Barron's)

Crypto ETFs could be on the market as soon as next year.


Gaming ETF Rallies After Supreme Court Ruling (MarketWatch)

BJK’ up after Supreme Court greenlights sports betting.


Min Vol Int'l Indexes Focus On Wrong Factor (WisdomTree) 
Low volatility complicated when you consider effect of currencies on the portfolio.


Why Endowment Model Lost Its Edge (Vanguard)

Blame abundance of active manager skill and basic supply/demand.


Will Japan’s ETF Rally Continue? (Zacks)

Japan’s stocks back in limelight following two-month sell-off.


How iShares' Newest ETF Guards Against Inflation (MarketWatch) 

‘LQDI' can invest in an array of instruments. 


Are REITs Oversold? (Wealth Management)

Rising interest rates have crimped REITs over the past year, but there are still pockets of strength.


Rising Oil Prices No Longer Negative For US Economy (CNBC)

Rise of the US to become world's second-largest oil producer has changed the calculus for how rising energy prices affect the economy.

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