Tues. Hot Reads: Value & Growth ETFs Rake In Cash

November 27, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Value & Growth ETFs Rake In Cash (Bloomberg)
Traders taking both sides of the value-growth bet using ETFs; who’ll be right?


When Cash Outperforms Everything (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Cash is sole major asset class up for the year.


Stocks Usually Bounce Between Thanksgiving & Christmas (CNBC)
S&P 500 was positive between Thanksgiving and Christmas 78% of the time since 1990.


Helping Smart Beta By Reducing Turnover (ETF Stream)
Portfolio turnover of equity factors can be reduced by trading more conservatively.


Regulators Sending ‘Mixed Signals’ On Crypto Regs (Think Advisor)
Commissioner Peirce says SEC can do a better job explaining its decisions.


How Stock Market Can Avoid Next ‘Big Red Wave’ Of Selling (Barron’s)
Five factors to watch as market could be poised for another sell-off.


Next Big Fee Trend? (Institutional Investor)
Fidelity's no-fee index funds have led institutions to press for lower fees, say managers.


Single Sector ETFs Rising, Despite Risks (Institutional Investor)
Investors demand single-sector funds, shrugging off heightened volatility risk. 


Traders Put $1.3B Into Emerging ETFs (Bloomberg)
Move back to EMs gained momentum last week as traders shrugged off equity declines.


Retail Investors Account For Just 7% Of India ETFs (International Adviser)
India’s steep rise in ETF adoption driven by institutional investors as low fees and no commission stop advisers from recommending passives.

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