Tues. Hot Reads: What Equity Investors Get Right

January 15, 2019

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


What Pro US Stock Investors Get Right (Morningstar)
New study shows they buy better than they sell.


Costly Line Between Winning & Losing In Active Management (Institutional Investor)
Study: Fees make the difference whether majority of managers outperform benchmarks.


Japan Not Considering Bitcoin ETF Approval (Yahoo)
Country doesn't see the need for such an investment vehicle.


Stocks Are Cheap(ish) (BlackRock)
After December's rout, are stocks now reasonably valued?


Don’t Fall For Buyback Blackout Theory (SPDR)
Talk that market dips are triggered by companies’ inability to buy back shares ahead of earnings news is a myth.


Raising The Bar In Small Caps (Indexology)
Adding some criteria to your typical small-cap methodology can make a difference.


Equity Investing Probably Riskier Than You Thought (Alpha Architect)
That doesn't mean you should react to market noise.

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