Tues. Hot Reads: When Low Fees Are Red Flags

October 30, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


When Low Fees Are A Red Flag (CNBC) 
Tips for avoiding pricing pitfalls.


Investors Jump Into ETFs That Got Pummeled In Sell-Off (Bloomberg)
Cash pouring into areas pummeled in October sell-off, like small-cap stocks, semi manufacturers. 


Housing Market Predicting Treasury Bull Market (Advisor Perspectives)
Housing likely seen peak this cycle, and we may see recession in 2020. 


6th Scariest October Ever? (Indexology) 
It's been a bad month for U.S. equities across size segments, styles and sectors.


Answering ‘Is That An ETF?’ May Get Easier (Bloomberg)
Under new proposal, leveraged and inverse funds wouldn't be classified as ETFs. 


Why ESG Ratings Matter (BlackRock)
Credible approaches to ratings of companies’ ESG behavior performs unique service for investors.  


Banking After Brexit: Who’ll Be The New London? (Stratfor)
Financial firms in Europe seeking ways to remain competitive once British financial hub severs ties with EU.


Asset Mgmt Industry Gets More Concentrated (Institutional Investor)
The big keep getting bigger, new study shows.


Never Tempt Market Gods (The Big Picture)
Trump's tweets on the Dow at 25,000 were just asking to be proven wrong.


Mutual Fund Industry Shrinking. That's OK (Morningstar)
In recent years, number of open-ended mutual funds has shrunk—for good reason.


Sobering Stocks & Economy Outlook (Think Advisor)
Three strategists at Schwab Impact explain reasons for being wary beyond the very near term.


‘Robo’ Tech Tools Causing Fee Deflation ... (Kitces)
... but not fee compression.


Gary Shilling: Recession Probably Shaping Up (Think Advisor)
Economist explains why he’s short on stocks and what Fed Chair Powell is doing right.

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