Tues. Hot Reads: Who Is An ETF Investor?

October 02, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Who Invests In ETFs? (Think Advisor)
A survey breaks down differences between households owning ETFs and those owning mutual funds outside retirement accounts.


Outlook For Emerging Markets (BlackRock)
Why there's still room for recovery after this year's prolonged sell-off.


Fooled By Manager Returns (Advisor Perspectives)
Why the conventional, instinctive approach to making investment manager choices often leads to poor outcomes.


ETF Providers Going In New Directions With Indexes (P&I)
Self-indexing by the big ETF firms is changing the game.


Why I'm Investing Most Of My Money In 1 Fund (Meb Faber)
Meb is going all-in on Cambria's 'TRTY.’ 


Distilling WisdomTree's US Multifactor Performance (WisdomTree)
The firm's multifactor approach can offer better returns and lower volatility.


Study Says ETFs Offer Closet Active Mgmt (ETF Stream)
New study claims almost all ETFs are actively managed and there’s no such thing as passive investing.


Bearish Divergence May Signal Market Warning (Indexology) 
Large-caps reached new highs while small-caps fell. 


When Diversification Fails (Alpha Architect)
The good news: Tail-risk-aware analytics now widely available.


ETF Risks: What Could Go Wrong (IBD)
And what to do about it. 


Have ETFs Enabled Day Trader Nation? (FA)
Detractors of ETF investing have long argued these products are one-dimensional trading tools that seduce people into hyperactive trading.

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