Tuesday Hot Reads: 2 Trends That Favor ETFs In 2017

January 03, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com.


3 Ways To Prime A Portfolio With ETFs For 2017 (BlackRock)
Building a portfolio can be a daunting task, especially at an economic and political turning point like now.


Investing Wisdom From 2016 (Reformed Broker)
In the end, thinking long term and accepting volatility is the only way to perform over 10 years or more.


2 Trends That Could Push ETFs Up In 2017 (Investors.com)
In a word, 2016 was a scorcher. Even the simplest, broadest and cheapest exposure to the stock market through ETFs paid off.

How Pensions & Social Security Affect Asset Allocation (Oblivious Investor)
It’s common for people to count their pension or Social Security income as a bond holding, but should they?


Top Sector ETFs Of 2016 (ETF.com)
Sector earnings growth and performance didn't match up this year.


Fidelity Embraces What It Once Avoided: The ETF (WSJ.com)
Fund giant bends to changes in investor preferences in money management industry.


The Golden Era Of Hedge Funds Draws To A Close (Bloomberg)
Hedge fund closures are on track to be the most since 2008, and startups the fewest.


2016 Wasn't A Disaster For Hedge Funds (Yahoo Finance)
Despite the doom and gloom, hedge fund industry assets are at an all-time high.


ETFs See Record Number Of Funds Shutter: 'It's a Sign Of Health' (CNBC)
128 ETFs closed during 2016, a number that easily eclipsed the previous record of 102.


World’s Best Stock Rally Of 2016 Was Really Just An Illusion (Bloomberg)
Data showing the Caracas Stock Exchange posted the world’s biggest advance in 2016 isn’t to be trusted.


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