Tuesday Hot Reads: 4 Sector ETFs Rise On Revenue Growth

July 25, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


4 Sector ETFs Winning On Revenue Growth (Zacks.com)

CRAK, ARKQ, XTN and PAVE could be used to book some profits on revenue growth potential.


Goldman Retreats From ETF Lead Market Making (Reuters)
Relatively high regulatory and other costs of operating as an LMM prompted the pullback by Goldman.


Plenty Of Perks In Value ETF 'VLUE' (Investopedia)
ETFs dedicated to individual investment factors are popular, but there are drawbacks.


Continued Wealth Management Support Fuels Rising ETF Assets (HedgeWeek)
The ETF industry has enjoyed another extraordinary year of asset gathering thanks in part to robo advisors. 


Argentina ETF Sees Steep Outflows Amid Strong Gains (MarketWatch)
There was no obvious catalyst for ARGT's redemptions, which occurred on a day when the fund rose 0.4%.


Bears Target A Familiar Energy ETF (Benzinga)
Slumping crude prices often pressure some equity-based ETFs.


Gold ETF GLD: Time For Another Pullback? (Seeking Alpha)
There’s plenty going on impacting the price of gold. 


What’s Driving The Rise Of ETF Managed Portfolios (SPDR Blog)
Between frothy equity markets, geopolitical tensions and managing client expectations in a low-growth world, there’s no shortage of challenges weighing on the businesses of financial advisors.


What Does Short Duration Mean For Credit-Sensitive High Yield? (MainStay Investments)
Short-duration high yield is not a unique asset class, it's a subset of the overall high-yield market. 


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