Tuesday Hot Reads: 5 Ominous Signs For The Securities Industry

January 17, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com staff


5 Ominous Signs For The Securities Industry (Bloomberg.com)
This past year provided evidence that there's a growing grassroots revolt brewing among the individual investors.


Trump Makes The Dow Jones ETF Great Again (Bloomberg)
Even though the weighting methodology of the Dow Jones industrial average is nonsensical, the ETF 'DIA' is beating 'SPY' over multiple time periods. 


Why Don’t More Women Run Mutual Funds? (NYT)
A paltry 9.4% of American mutual fund managers are women, according to a 2015 report by Morningstar. That’s lower than in the rest of the world, where one in five fund managers is female on average.


7 Sustainable Investing Themes For 2017 (Barron’s)
Once a derided niche, the sustainable approach now includes some $8.7 trillion assets under management in the U.S. alone at the end of 2016.


Nigerian ETFs' Performance In Doubt (Business Day Online)
Bloomberg's results differ from those on fund websites. 


Short Interest Grows In Retail ETF (Bloomberg)
Dying bricks-and-mortar stores cast pall over retail ETF 'XRT.'


BlackRock's Big Inflows Unmatched By Revenue  (Bloomberg)
Large amounts of money are flowing into BlackRock's products, but mostly the low-cost ones.


Multidecade Bond Bull Market Is Far From Over (ETF Daily News)
An analyst at Payden & Rygel takes the contrarian view on the outlook for bonds.


The United States: A Tale Of 2 Economies (Capital Ideas)
While the U.S. has been a bright spot in the global economy, a wide divergence has emerged between consumption and industrial growth.


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