Tuesday Hot Reads: Cheapest ETFs Not Always The Best

April 25, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff

Cheapest ETFs Not Always The Best (ETF Strategy)
Investors should avoid looking exclusively at fund fees when selecting exchange-traded funds, according to a panel of industry experts.


Seeking Value With A Small-Cap Value ETF (VBR) (Investopedia)
The value factor is one of the most widely followed investment factors, something that is evident by the scores of ETFs dedicated to value stocks.


Aggressive Fed Rate Hikes Could Put Junk Bond ETFs In Danger (ETF Daily News)
No one seems too concerned about this segment yet, but there could be trouble brewing.


iShares US Real Estate ETF Experiences Big Inflow (Nasdaq)
The iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF (IYR) saw an approximate $201.4 million inflow ... that's a 4.5% increase week-over-week.


Great Academic Finance Research Papers At WFA 2017 (Alpha Architect Blog)
Wes Gray highlights some of the research papers that will be featured at this year's Western Finance Association conference. 


The Many Shades Of Active Share (MainStay Investments)
The correlation of stock returns has declined to multiyear lows. This should be good news for active managers trying to differentiate themselves from passive indexes, but some are struggling to do so.


Socially Responsible ETFs: Key Differences Between The Funds (Yahoo Finance)
A breakdown of different types of socially responsible ETFs and what makes some individual funds tick.


The Market Implications Of The French Vote (BlackRock Blog)
With centrist Macron the clear front-runner for the French presidency, BlackRock considers the impact on markets.


Japan Outlook Past Golden Week: Show Me The Money (WisdomTree Blog)
WisdomTree's Jesper Koll explains why Japan's risk assets are looking at a multiyear bull market.


Why Have Investors Shrugged Off Political Uncertainty? (Capital Ideas)
There has been no shortage of political drama over the past several months. But if the old adage that markets hate uncertainty is true, they aren’t showing it. 


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