Tuesday Hot Reads: Drawbacks Of Equal Weighting

December 26, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Problem With Equal-Weighted Funds (MarketWatch)

They're likely to underperform cap-weighting in downward markets. 


2017 Total Return Asset Class Performance Using Key ETFs (Seeking Alpha)

Easy-to-read matrix highlighting total return performance over last 5 years.


Intangible Assets Changing Investment (Economist)
Forecasting profits is not as helpful as it used to be.


Bitcoin Is Not An Asset (Seeking Alpha)

When will the cryptocurrency pass the “can facilitate transactions” test?


JPMorgan Chase Powers Robo Advisor For Fintech Race (Reuters)

Robo, charging 25-50 bps, goes live next year. 


China To Overtake US Economy By 2032 (Bloomberg)
Growing importance of Asia’s major economies will continue beyond 2018.


Best Energy ETF To Buy For 2018 (ETF Daily News)

A look at what lies ahead for crude oil.


Bitcoin Crash Could Affect Stocks (CNBC)
If the cryptocurrency boom goes bust, stocks could get dragged into the chaos.


51 Bitcoin ETF Risks You Should Know About (Nasdaq) 
Parsing out the risks from ProShares' filing.

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