Tuesday Hot Reads: Emerging Market ETF Hits 6 Year High

September 19, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Emerging Market ETF Hits 6-Year High (MarketWatch)
Major ETFs that track EM stocks rallied on Monday, hitting multiyear highs as the region’s strong YTD rally continued.


EM Volatility At Record Low (Bloomberg)
Several factors are contributing to tranquility in emerging market equities.


World ETF Hits New 52-Week High (Nasdaq)
Are more gains in store for 'ACWI'? 


S&P 500 Falls 70% Of Time In 2nd Half Of Sept (CNBC)
Pattern has taken place since 1980.


Fed Balance Sheet Unwind To Begin (MarketWatch)
Fed will likely start reducing its $4.5T portfolio of government securities after its two-day meeting finishes Wednesday.


3 Value ETFs For Factor Purists (FMD Capital Management)
'QVAL,' 'RPV' and 'GVAL' bring the true spirit of value investing back to its roots.


Record Inflows Reflect Lack Of Concern On Fed (Bloomberg)
‘TLT’ inflows suggest investors aren't too worried about what Fed might do.


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