Tuesday Hot Reads: Endowments Ignore Passive

October 31, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Endowments Ignoring Passive (Institutional Investor)
Leading allocators continuing their pursuit of alpha in way that would make more timid investors weak in the knees.

SEC Employees Earn Insider-Trading-Like Returns (Institutional Investor)
Their returns look close to those of the criminals they prosecute.


401(k) Pioneer Thinks Tax Reform Favoring Roths ‘Pretty Stupid’ (Investment News)
Ted Benna rails against reducing pretax contribution limits: "Rothification."


13 ETFs Rising More Than 60% This Year (Business Insider)
These are the best-performing ETFs with more than $100 million in assets.


Limited Demand: Ultra-Long US Treasury Bonds (Bloomberg)
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin put to rest for now the idea bubbling in the $14 trillion Treasuries market that government might introduce ultra-long term debt sales.


Analyzing Global Dividend Stream (WisdomTree)
We monitor the global dividend stream for growth. This year's reached a new high.


Time’s Role In High Beta Vs. Low Volatility (Seeking Alpha)
When comparing performance between ‘SPHB’ and its counterpart, ‘SPLV,’ holding period makes all the difference. 


ETFs Tricks To Avoid Halloween Rate Risks (Zacks)
Strategies to protect investors from threats.


ETFs Aren’t In A Bubble (Investopedia)
Bulls say there’s lots more room for ETFs to run.


Junk Bond ETFs Getting Cheaper (Benzinga)
USHY’ offers investors low-cost alternative to junk bonds.


ETFs & Buybacks: Capital Misallocation (Seeking Alpha)
Investors may not be able to reclaim what’s getting lost.


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