Tuesday Hot Reads: ETF Trading Volume Dries Up

October 10, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


ETF Trading Volume Slumps To Near-3-Year Lows (WSJ)
Daily turnover plunging relative to single-stock trading.


Newton’s ‘Law Of Indexing’ (Vanguard)
Newton’s third law of motion can help advisors evaluate index-based funds.


New ETF To Only Hold Cos. Supportive To Veterans (MarketWatch)
Fund expected to debut in mid-December.


Avoid Lowest-Cost ETFs? (WSJ)
Consider aspects like bid/ask spreads and issuer’s financial health.


Investing Scorecard With Blank Space (Bloomberg)
Active management is evolving. SPIVA needs to also.


Trump Signs ETF Research Bill (Think Advisor)
‘FAIR’ Act of 2017 lets broker-dealers provide ETF research reports to clients.


Backdoor ETF Bet On Apple's iPhone (Bloomberg)
Try a fund tracking Taiwanese stocks.


Price Of Progress (Irrelevant Investor)
The number of Americans without retirement savings is a black swan.


Counterintuitive ETF Hurricane Buy (MoneyShow)
It's been a rough hurricane year; that could offer investor opportunity. 


Does Social Capital Pay? (Alpha Architect)
High ESG ratings may translate into better returns in crises.


SEC To Approve Bitcoin ETF In 2017? (Investing)
Analysis of current situation in wake of application withdrawals.


Money Managers May Be Driving Rally (MarketWatch)
Active managers desperate to beat their benchmarks likely continuing to boost market with their stock buying.


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