Tuesday Hot Reads: ETF Worries Not Irrational

June 06, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


It's Smart To Worry About ETFs (Bloomberg)

Remember how mortgage-backed securities turned out?


El-Erian Warns On High Yield ETF 'Party': 'It's An Illusion' (SeekingAlpha)

High-yield debt is in a bubble, and ETF investors could be hit hard when it pops. 


Advisors Driving Increased Use Of Bond ETFs, Finds Cerulli (ETF Strategy)

More advisors moving away from using individual bonds and bond mutual funds in favor of ETFs.


Why Saudi Arabia Is Mad At Qatar & Why We Care (CNBC)
Rift between Qatar and other Arab nations intensified Monday when Saudi Arabia closed its land border with Qatar.


Will Tech Rally Continue? Hedge Funds Say Yes, Mutual Funds Say No (MarketWatch)

Mutual funds are trimming exposure while hedge funds buy the rally.


Int’l Stocks: Popular But Not Too Popular (BlackRock Blog)

Emerging market and European equities are becoming consensus trades, but we believe they still have room to run.


The Best Ways To Profit From ETFs Surge (The Motley Fool Canada)

The National Bank of Canada releases its look into the state of ETFs in Canada.


Great Investment Versus Great Timing (FMD Capital)
Questions investors should consider before they invest in an ETF.


Venezuelan Bonds & Niche ETFs (Bloomberg)
Also, central bank blockchains and profits, John Paulson's shrinking fund and Mylan's management style.


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