Tuesday Hot Reads: ETFs Have Saved Investors How Many Billions?

March 21, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


ETFs Have Saved Investors How Many Billions? (Nasdaq)
Investors have seen 266.5 billion in savings from exchange-traded funds and their lower fees. 


How Small-Cap ETFs Can Deal With The Fed (ETF Trends)
Small-cap stocks are better suited to navigating a rising rate environment.


Do Smart Beta Funds Work? (Economist)
A recent survey of institutional investors showed three-quarters were either using or evaluating the smart-beta approach. By the end of January, some $534 billion was invested in smart-beta ETFs. But do they work?


ETFs Are Giving Mutual Funds A Run For Their Money (Bloomberg)
Mutual fund ownership of equities is at its lowest level in nearly 13 years, according to research from Goldman Sachs. Meanwhile, ETFs are becoming an even bigger force in the stock market, the team led by Chief U.S. Equity Strategist David Kostin points out.


Ratchet Down Expectations For Your Retirement Portfolio (CNBC)
More than 80% of workers recently surveyed by BlackRock expect their retirement account returns will continue to match or exceed returns of the past. That's a tall order. One expert's advice is to ratchet down your expected return "by at least 3%."


Have Value Funds Become Too Valuable? (MarketWatch)
There may be a point when the value factor and a fund’s success may not go hand-in-hand.


Shiller's CAPE: Is It Just B.S.? Part 1 (ZeroHedge)
One of the hallmarks of very-late-stage bull market cycles is the inevitable bashing of long-term valuation metrics. The problem is that valuation models are not meant to be “market timing indicators.”


Two Indexes To Monitor Trump Trades (WisdomTree)
WisdomTree has enhanced two Indexes to allow investors to track important investment themes tied to the policies of the new administration.


To Hedge Or Not To Hedge? (BlackRock Blog)
How to determine when it makes sense to hedge away the effects of currency fluctuations.


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