Tuesday Hot Reads: Global ETF Assets Top $5T

February 13, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Global ETF Assets Exceed $5T (Track Insight)
In January, ETFs pulled in $313 billion globally, hitting total assets of $5.2 trillion.


Common Features Of Failed ETFs (Morningstar)
What matters: exposure, structure, fees and sponsors.


BlackRock Exec Says ETFs Performed Well In Correction (CNBC) 
Aside from some specific products, ETFs weathered the recent market turmoil well.


Why ETFs Can't Be Blamed For Correction (MarketWatch)
Data doesn't support ETFs being the cause of the recent downturn.


JPMorgan’s Bitcoin Bible: Crypto ‘Unlikely To Disappear’ (MarketWatch)
Five takeaways from J.P. Morgan’s crypto report.


Fund Firms Say Green Investors Too Focused On Carbon (Institutional Investor)
Too many asset owners hyperfocus on one environmental risk factor.


Passive My A** (Reformed Broker)
You can't use the terms "passive" and "index fund" interchangeably. 


Take 2 ETFs & Call Me (Wealth Management)
Last week’s headaches are likely to continue.

Shame On Traders Of These Volatility ETPs (CNBC)
It would be nice if occasionally someone read the guidebook before stepping off the plane.

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