Tuesday Hot Reads: Gundlach Shorts ‘SPY,’ Rips Passive Investing

May 09, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff

Gundlach Shorts 'SPY,' Says Passive Investing Is A Myth (Yahoo Finance)
Bond investor Jeff Gundlach, founder of DoubleLine Capital, rips into the passive investment movement.


How BlackRock Stopped Vanguard From Devouring ETF Market Share  (RIABiz)
iShares issuer uses "Core" ETFs to stem Vanguard's advance, while maintaining higher prices on other ETFs.


Why ETFs Have Displaced Mutual Funds (The Globe And Mail)
It’s hard to argue that ETFs haven't changed the game in lowering costs and making investing easier.


Bond ETFs With Momentum (Barron's)
Ned Davis Research suggests buying bond ETFs based on their momentum. 


Jack Bogle: I'm No Hero, I Just Gave A Damn About Investors (CNBC)
Indexing has a long way to go before it damages market efficiency, according to Vanguard's founder.


ETFs Aren't Just For Passive Investing Anymore (MoneySense)
There’s a new stream of ETFs in Canada looking to attract loyal mutual fund investors.


2 Key Factors For Judging Investment Returns (FMD Capital Management)
The ability to compare your historical returns to a benchmark is important for investment success. 


What Length Of Retirement Should You Plan For? (Oblivious Investor)
When developing a retirement investing plan, one of the most critical decisions is the time frame you will use for your planning. 


Growth Investing In A Low Growth Environment (Capital Ideas)
Don O’Neal, co-principal investment officer and portfolio manager for The Growth Fund of America, shares his views on what to own right now. 



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