Tuesday Hot Reads: Simplicity Ruled Aug Flows

September 12, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


10 ETFs Had Half Of Aug Inflows (MarketWatch)
Simplicity dominated for ETF investors in August.

Low-Vol ETFs Can Help In Market Pullback (Barron's)
Investors should stay in the market if there’s a September pullback.


How To Buy An ETF In An Hour Or Less (NerdWallet)

The best brokers for ETF investors.


Electric Car Push Bulks Up Lithium ETF (Bloomberg)

LIT’ sees major benefits from China’s electric-car push.


Passive Investing May Hit Hong Kong (Bloomberg)

Active management dominant in Hong Kong, but that could change. 


Will Credit Cause A Slowdown? (Economist)
Saxo Bank thinks a slowdown in credit growth is bad news.


Aug 2017 ETF Deathwatch (Invest With An Edge)

ETF Deathwatch for August had 19 additions and 13 exits.


3 High-Yield ETFs For Retirees (Motley Fool)

ETFs generate strong yields with relatively little expense. 


Profiting From Fed Uncertainty (Seeking Alpha)

SCHD’ could offer rewards in a flatter rate environment.


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