Tuesday Hot Reads: Smart Beta Bond Fund Warning

November 28, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Beware Smart Beta Bond Funds (Institutional Investor)
Using ETF.com data, researchers found funds vary widely.


It Just Got Real (Reformed Broker)
Today's bitcoin craze shares similarities with 1999's dot-com boom.


Investors Piling Into Hot Real Estate ETF (Bloomberg)
IYR’ is latest beneficiary of investors' endless search for yield.


‘EMQQ’ Celebrates Anniversary In Style (Benzinga)
The ETF is up 73% year-to-date.


What’s In Store For Pharma ETFs? (Zacks)
Several factors are supporting this sector’s performance.


Vanguard: Chance Of Stock Correction At 70% (CNBC)
Several forces contributing to higher-than-typical risk.


Bitcoin Bubble Makes Dot-Com Look Rational (Bloomberg)
Bitcoin, continuing its climb toward $10,000 Monday, looks bloated.


Rebalancing: Swiss Army Knife In Retirement Tool Kit (Morningstar)
Rebalancing lets retirees reduce risk in their portfolios and achieve worthy goals.


Goodbye Reflation, Hello Inflation (BlackRock)
U.S. economy shifting into inflation from reflation against solid economic growth.

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