Tuesday Hot Reads: Tax Plan Would Curb 401(k) Contributions

November 14, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Senate Tax Tweak Would Curb 401(k) Contributions (CNBC)
Workers age 50+ couldn’t make catch-up retirement plan contributions on pretax basis.


October 2017 ETF Deathwatch (Seeking Alpha)
ETF Deathwatch for October had 22 additions and 26 exits. 


Managing Valuation Risks As Market Multiples Rise (WisdomTree)
Valuation alone isn’t the best predictor of future market corrections. 


Australia Loves ETFs, But Not As Much As US & Europe (Bloomberg)
Assets in ETFs grew 39% as of Oct. 31.


Performance & Fulcrum Fees Banned For Most Advisors (Nerd's Eye View)
Performance-based fees encourage more risk-taking, etc.


Put Your Cash To Work (BlackRock)
Consider short-term bond ETFs, for starters.


As Bitcoin Soars, Advisors Urge Caution (CNBC)
Advisors may buy bitcoin, but most aren’t recommending them to clients.


ETF To Become Bitcoin Holy Grail? (CoinTelegraph)
This investment vehicle designed to make investors’ lives cushier.


Insurers Now Have Their Own ETFs To Sell You (Bloomberg)
Investing in the funds no longer enough for some insurers.


Do Niche ETFs Have Lasting Potential? (Investors)
Are these funds outperforming because they're trendy, or do they have longer-lasting potential?


ETFs With Narrow Focus Can Pay Dividends (Financial Planning)
Sometimes a portfolio can benefit from a tactical allocation to industry, sector or market approaches.


Where VanEck Sees Opportunity In 2018 (Investor's Business Daily)
IBD chats with Ed Lopez, head of ETF product management.


ETF Investors Flirted With Junk Bond Disaster (Bloomberg)
With $2 billion in outflows last week, the junk-bond space came close to an "ETF spiral."


Key Source Of Market Inefficiency (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Investment professionals' concerns about career risk could represent major source of market inefficiency.

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