Tuesday Hot Reads: Top 5 Dividend ETFs For 2017

March 07, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com staff


Top 5 Dividend ETFs For 2017 (SeekingAlpha)
There are a few dividend-focused ETFs with low expense ratios and sufficient diversification to form the backbone of an equity portfolio.


The Real Winners Of The Bull Market? ETFs & Passive Investing (MarketWatch)
The real winner over the past eight years has been behind the scenes: a fundamental change in the way people invest.


Political Risks Grip US Stock ETFs (ETF Trends)
Wiretapping accusations in the U.S. and geopolitical risks in Asia were among the issues weighing on stocks Monday. 


The ETF Categories Intriguing Advisers (Financial Planning)
The ETF market is crowded, and advisers are looking for products that either fall into particular niches, or are low-cost core holdings.


The Challenges Of Standard Portfolio Diversification (WisdomTree)
Jeremy Schwartz talks to Wharton professor and co-founder of the firm 55 Capital Partners, Vinay Nair, about how 60/40 portfolios don’t suffice anymore in today’s market environment.


Who Are You Competing With? (Reformed Broker)
It’s the American way to compete, but in investing, working harder doesn’t translate necessarily into better outcomes. Don’t measure your portfolio against others, Josh Brown says.


Morgan Stanley Is Begging The Fed To Let Go Of The Market's Hand (Bloomberg Markets)
Communications from the Fed are driving the bond market more than actual economic and market data, says Morgan Stanley's Matthew Hornbach.


The US Government Changed H-1B Visa Rules. Here's What It Means For Tech (CNBC)
Despite stoking tension in tech companies, it's a relatively routine decision that's happened under administrations past. But it's missing one key piece of information—a timeline—and that could impact businesses.


Consumption-Led Global Growth May Not Be Sustainable, BIS Warns (Bloomberg Markets)
The post-crisis global economy may be relying too much on domestic consumption, a generally weaker form of growth.



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