Tuesday Hot Reads: The Ugly Math Behind Leveraged ETFs

March 28, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


The Ugly Math Behind Leveraged ETFs (MartinKronicle.com)
Market returns do not equal investment returns with leveraged ETFs.


How Factor ETFs Have Performed Over The Past Year (CapitalSpectator.com)
Tracking the smart-beta horse race with ETFs.


What Investors Worry About Most When Investing In ETFs (Yahoo Finance)
E-Trade announced results from its most recent quarterly tracking study of experienced investors. Results highlight what is most likely to keep investors up at night when investing in ETFs. Here are the top three concerns. 


How Trading ETFs May Lose You Money, Especially If You're A Guy (MarketWatch)
Critics warn that ETFs are being overtraded, with investors increasingly jumping in and out of an asset rather than buying and holding it for potential long-term gains.


There Goes Another Trump Trade Pillar As Small Cap Bears Descend (Bloomberg Markets)

Traders are shorting the Russell 2000 at record levels as the dollar falls and small-caps slump.


BlackRock & Vanguard Call For Delay To Fiduciary Rule (CNBC)
Two giants in the ETF space call for the rules' implementation to be pushed back.

America's Housing Inventory Problem, Explained In 4 Charts (Bloomberg)
The paucity of houses on the market remains a nagging hurdle for Americans interested in trading up or looking to take their first step into homeownership.


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