Tuesday Hot Reads: What’s The Best New Smart Beta ETF?

June 13, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


What’s The Best New Smart Beta Fund? (WealthManagement.com)
ETF experts, including ETF.com’s Dave Nadig, pick the best in class.


This ETF Bets A Company's Most Prized Asset Isn't In Its Balance Sheet (MarketWatch)
An index of companies with strong brands has outperformed the broader market.


China’s Growth: Slower & More Sustainable (BlackRock Blog)
Why we think slower economic growth in China could be a good thing.


The Only ETF You Need To Start Investing (SeekingAlpha)
Hold on to that fund for a long time and learn about the stocks held within the fund.


Jury Hasn’t Decided On ETFs’ Role In Stock Market Rise (Market Realist) 
Although the growth of ETF assets remains high, they only own about 6.29% of the market cap of your average U.S. equity.


US Bears Return To China With Shorts Circling $6B ETFs (Bloomberg)
U.S. traders are turning more bearish on China after a rebound in the past month drove a multitude of its equity indexes to their 2015 highs.


Finally Time For Financial ETFs? (ETF Trends)
'XLF,’ the largest ETF dedicated to the financial services sector, rose 1.3% last week. Could the sagging sector be on its way to rebounding?


Academic Research Insight: Factors & The Road To Retirement (Alpha Architect)
How investors can take advantage of factor premia to help their retirement portfolio.


Calm Down (The Reformed Broker)
Tech stocks had a large-ish drawdown over the past few days ... after being on an upward trend all year. 


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