Tuesday Hot Reads: Why Millennials Love ETFs

February 27, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Why Millennials Love ETFs (Cheddar)
Millennials seem to be jumping on board with ETFs. The head of iShares Beta ETFs at BlackRock explains why.


These ETF Investors Seem Unafraid Of Rising Rates (Bloomberg)
Real estate and consumer ETFs are still seeing strong inflows despite a potentially unfavorable environment.


When ETF Volume Doesn’t Tell Whole Story (Franklin Templeton)
An ETF’s trading volume isn’t always a good indicator of its portfolio liquidity.


Is The Sell-Off Creating A Buying Opportunity In EM? (WisdomTree)
Value making comeback in emerging markets.


These ETFs Adding Buffers Against Volatility (Bloomberg)
VMIN’ and ‘VMAX’ taking extra steps to protect investors.


Is Momentum's Moment Over? (BlackRock)
This factor took a hit in the recent stock market dip. But it's time isn't up yet.


Political Risk Is Back To Haunt European Stocks (CNBC)
Uncertainly will be the only certainty with Italy's upcoming election.


What Successful Retirement Planning Looks Like (WealthManagement)
With Social Security in doubt, retirees have lifestyle, health care and long-term care questions for financial advisors that robos can’t answer.


ETFs Struggle To Address Rising Rates (Investment News) 

Three ETFs are designed as solutions for a rising rate environment, but two are having trouble doing their job. 


Has Vanguard Gone To The Dark Side? (Motley Fool) 
The author considers whether Vanguard has betrayed its roots with the launch of actively managed factor ETFs. 


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