Tuesday Hot Reads: The Best ETF For Midcap Exposure

April 11, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff

The Best ETF For Midcap Exposure (Seeking Alpha)
There are plenty of choices and plenty of disparity in performance.


Why Commodity-Index Investing May Be Futile (WSJ)
It’s harder to make money on commodity indexes over the long term than it is to profit from stock-index investing.


How To Access Small-Cap Value (WisdomTree)
Small-cap stocks, screened in some manner for reasonable valuation, have been very strong performers. But what does small-cap value mean?


Hitting Municipal Curveballs & Late-Breaking Allocation News (MainStay  Investments)
The art and science behind tactical asset allocation changes that we’re making.


Small Caps Looking For A Catalyst (BlackRock Blog)
Two factors may be undermining small-cap performance in 2017, according to BlackRock's Russ Koesterich.


Momentum, Yield Or Low Volatility: Which ETFs Are Outperforming Now? (Yahoo Finance)
A look at which investment approach is racking up the most gains in the current environment.


Opaque Active ETFs Are Just What Investors Don't Want (Financial Advisor Magazine)
Are nontransparent active ETFs just a solution looking for a problem?


Rise Of ETFs May Be Causing Record-Low Volatility (CNBC)
The first quarter of 2017 was the least volatile quarter for the S&P 500 in decades. Some analysts believe the rise of passive investing, and ETFs in particular, may be the cause. 


The Huge Tesla Gamble Most ETF Investors Don't Know They're Taking (CNBC)
On average, U.S.-listed ETFs own almost twice as much (or more) exposure to the "old auto industry" than "new auto industry."


Yale Endowment Blasts Low-Fee Critics, Says Gains Would Lag (Bloomberg)
Yale University defended the fees it pays to external managers, saying that a low-cost passive strategy would have “short-changed’’ the Ivy League school’s students and faculty.


3 Low Volatility ETFs To Buy If Global Tensions Flare Up (Yahoo Finance)
With volatility primed to flare after the Syria air strikes, "USMV," "SPLV" and "ACWV" could offer refuge for investors.


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