Wed. Hot Reads: Active Better Than You Think

October 03, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Active Management Creates Value For Investors (WealthManagement)

A deep analysis of academic literature found active management has been more positive for investors than conventional wisdom suggests.


Can Anyone Bury BlackRock? (Institutional Investor)

Even some of BlackRock's competitors say its platform is the best.


Can Feel-Good Investing Deliver Feel-Good Returns? (WSJ)

Vanguard aims to prove socially responsible ETFs can deliver.


Survey: Most Institutional Investors Use ESG (Think Advisor)

Investors not only believe doing so is a fiduciary duty, but that ESG outperforms.


Developing Expectations For Long Term US Stock Returns (Indexology) 

It's a pretty bleak picture based on data-driven estimates for the next decade. 


Global Economic Forces May Cause Weakened USD (Invesco)

Invesco Fixed Income’s views on currencies around the world.


5 Financial ETFs To Buy As Interest Rates Rise (Nasdaq)

Sector attractively valued relative to broader market, and is home to rising dividends.


ETF Tracking Europe’s Banks Sees Massive Trading (Bloomberg)

Italy’s fiscal illness is infecting an ETF that tracks European finance firms.

Brazil ETF Surges On Poll Result (CNBC)

A poll released showed far-right candidate Bolsonaro would tie Haddad, the left-wing candidate from Brazil's Workers Party, in a likely second-round run-off.


How The Agg Has Changed & How It Hasn't (Vanguard)

No, the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index hasn't changed greatly over time. 


Retail ETF Has Worst Day In Almost 2 Years (Bloomberg)

'XRT' fell on Amazon's wage competition concerns, Stitch Fix earnings.


How Can Investment CAPM Price Momentum? (Alpha Architect) 

Can neoclassic economic models explain the so-called momentum anomaly?


Measuring Risk Tolerance (Newfound Research) 

Determining a client's risk tolerance is often difficult and can sometimes be oversimplified with typical questionnaires.

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