Wed. Hot Reads: Billionaire Investing Lessons

September 26, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Billionaires Aren’t Giving You Financial Advice (Reformed Broker)
There’s a lot we can learn from the most successful investors.


6 Things To Know About Faith-Based Investing  (US News & World Report)
What to know if you want your investments to match your values.


Value & Momentum & Risk (Alpha Architect)
Risks common to value and momentum factors.


Before Election Day, Traders Warm To Leveraged Brazil ETF (MarketWatch)
First round of Brazil's presidential election occurs on Sunday, Oct. 7.


Are Investors Over-Indexed? (Invesco)
Is there a disconnect between market expectations and portfolio allocations in market-cap-weighted funds?

Now Do-Gooders At Vanguard Charitable Can Do Better (Think Advisor)
Vanguard Charitable will offer three new ESG ETFs for donor-advised fund investors. 


Managing Risk Over Different Time Horizons (MSCI)
Longer and shorter time horizons require different approaches by managers.


Why You Don't Know The Price Until You Sell (Dollars & Data)
It's Schrodinger's cat, just with investing. 


When Pot Smoke Clears, Profits May Be In Familiar Hands (Bloomberg)
Marijuana startups aren't automatically the smart bet.


ETF Investors Buying Treasuries, Dumping Junk Bonds (Bloomberg)
Longer-dated Treasury fund sees massive September inflows.


Emerging Markets’ Lost (Near) Decade (BlackRock)
Investors may be ready to abandon EM, but there’s potential for sizable rebound.


SEC's Proposed ETF Rule Creates Fintech Opportunities (Bloomberg)
New software will be needed to comply with the new rule, potentially attracting new entrants.

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