Wed. Hot Reads: ETF Opportunities For Active Managers

November 14, 2018

Compiled by Staff


ETFs Create Opportunities For Active Managers (ETF Stream)

Recent study highlights impact passive investing has had on the active space.


New Tool Applies Gender Diversity Screen To ETFs (FA)

As You Sow, a nonprofit, has a new tool to screen mutual funds and ETFs for gender equality.


With Stocks In Correction, Time To Consider Bonds? (CNBC)

As market volatility persists, investors need to consider their bond strategy.


Oil ETFs: Losing Streaks Can Be Hard To Erase (Seeking Alpha)

Crude oil futures have extended their losing streak, pushing oil ETFs sharply lower, but beware of buying the dip.  


Alpha's Decline? (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)  

As we get better at beta measurement, alpha will decline.


Semiconductor ETFs Up On Renewed Trade Optimism (Bloomberg)

SOXX” and “SMH” gain as U.S.-China trade talks near.


ETF Breaks Link Between Price & Portfolio Weight (Morningstar)

RSP'” delivers effective midcap exposure by equally weighting the S&P 500.


Time To Consider Chinese Tech Stocks (BlackRock)

Long-term potential in Chinese tech firms may be underappreciated amid strained U.S.-China relations.


Volatility/Correlation/Portfolio Protection Relationship (WisdomTree)

Trends in correlation can be a powerful predictor of future volatility and equity market risk.


Beware ‘Known-Unknowns’ (MainStay)

Recent increase in volatility could be linked to impact of “known-unknowns,” e.g., evolving trade war with China.

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