Wed. Hot Reads: ETFs Rewriting Hedging Rules

October 17, 2018

Compiled by Staff


ETF Investors Rewriting Hedging Rules (Investment News)
Treasury and utility ETFs seeing growing investor interest.


Sin Stock ETF Misses Marijuana Market Move (Motley Fool)
ACT” invests in marijuana—but read the fine print.


Pot Stock Guide: What To Know To Invest (MarketWatch)
Myriad unknowns in this industry. Six facts to know about every firm.


Looking Through The Sector Lens (Indexology)
This month's market turmoil has radically reversed factor returns.


2 Strategic Beta Bond ETFs Worth A Look (Morningstar)
Should investors bite on strategic-beta ETFs?


Earnings Not Enough: Stocks Need Easy Credit (BlackRock)
Credit markets still relatively supportive of stocks, but less so at the margins.


How The Election Will Impact Stocks & Bonds (CNBC)
Market pricing in a split Congress after midterm election; strategists expect stocks to rally.

Short Sellers Make 2-Way Bet On EM (Bloomberg)
Short wagers on “IEMG” have risen, while short wagers on “EEM” have fallen. 


Searching For The All-Clear As Stocks Soar? (Barron’s)
S&P 500 often retests its lows following extreme sell-offs, but there may be more upside before that occurs.


Don’t Sleep On Developed Int’l Equities (WisdomTree)
This year’s script flipped violently from last year’s.


Did FAANG Stocks Lead Downturn? (MSCI)
They actually held up pretty well. 


Correct Trend-Following Benchmark (Alpha Architect) 
An in-depth look at how one should benchmark a trend-following strategy.


Advisors Still Keen On High-Fee Hedge Funds (Institutional Investor)
Advisors wanting to keep hedge funds in investors’ portfolios switching them into low-cost passive funds.

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