Wed. Hot Reads: Factor Exposure – ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds

August 15, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Factor Exposures: Smart-Beta ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds (Factor Research)
Some mutual funds offer higher factor exposures than ETFs, but are they worth it when you consider fees?


Bull Market To Become Historic (CNBC)
U.S. stock market more likely to power on than fizzle as it heads toward its golden years.


Best Research Paper Ever Written On Trading Costs (Alpha Architect) 
A magnum opus on transaction costs suggests they may be higher than previously thought.


Move Over FANGs, Fintech ETF Hot Now (Zacks)
FINX’ up 24% year-to-date.


Bitcoin ETF Faces Moving Finish Line As Cboe Aims To Be First (Bloomberg)
SEC delays decision on one fund, after rejecting another one.


Democratization Of Information (Dollars & Data)
Information is fast. Wisdom is slow.


Should You Own Short, Inverse, Leveraged ETFs? (Motley Fool)
Is betting against stocks, or the entire market, ever a smart idea?


Climbing Wall Of Worry: Midyear Optimism (MainStay)
Summer has been heating up the news cycle, with disconcerting issues for investors.

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