Wed. Hot Reads: How To Analyze Multifactor ETFs

September 12, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Framework For Analyzing Multifactor ETFs (Morningstar)
Six important questions investors should ask before buying a multifactor fund.


What's In Your Benchmark? (Alpha Architect)
A look at a paper that examines the factor exposures of major market indexes.


US Dollar May Be Caught Between 2 Opposing Trends (Invesco)
From interest rate hikes and balance sheet reduction to strong global growth, there’s a lot going on impacting the greenback. 


Are We Mismeasuring Our Economy? (WisdomTree)
Jeremy Schwartz talks inflation and economic growth mismeasurement issues in the new digital economy.


BlackRock Hits Back At SocGen's Warning On ETF Markets (Bloomberg)
French bank is latest to warn on brewing liquidity risks.


SEC To Reimburse Retail Investors Hurt By Leveraged Oil Note (Bloomberg)
Agency will pay back investors told to buy and hold 'UWTI.’ 


Problem For Active Management Isn't Indexing (Morningstar)
Indexing isn't large enough yet to distort the market. 


Best Core Stock Index Fund May Not Be Vanguard S&P 500 (CNBC)
For buy-and-hold investors, 'VTI' may offer a more diversified approach.


Where Is US-Germany Yield Spread Headed? (BlackRock)
Why BlackRock thinks this will modestly widen.


The Crossover (Reformed Broker)
“Passive” can mean pretty anything these days.


Stick With Liquid Alts (Institutional Investor)
AQR co-founder suggests investors who stuck with liquid alts were rewarded for their patience.


Misleading Lessons Of History (Newfound Research)
If you torture the data enough, you can create a portfolio that’s never lost money over any six-month rolling period.

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