Wed. Hot Reads: Junk Bond ETFs Back In Demand

January 09, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Junk Debt ETFs Add Cash As Panic Fades (Bloomberg)
Rebounding stocks and oil have lured investors back to credit.


Gold ETFs Gained Assets Globally In 2018 (Reuters)
Total inflows were up, even though North America saw net outflows.


Poland Welcomes 1st ETF Launch (Funds Europe)
BETA ETF WIG20TR, which tracks Polish stocks, is Warsaw's first.


Economy In 2019 (WisdomTree)
As glow from 2018 tax cuts fades in U.S., WisdomTree sees growth outlook softening.


Could Falling Stock Market Create Its Own Recession? (Reformed Broker)
Value of Americans' financial assets at a record relative to size of economy.


1st Quarter Investor Watch List (BlackRock)
Key dates and their significance for markets in first quarter of 2019.


Institutional Investors Batten Down Hatches (Institutional Investor)
Survey of institutions overseeing $7 trillion shows investors positioning for downturn.


Anatomy Of Smart Beta Value ETFs (Factor Research)
They’re all very similar, but could introduce other factor exposures and risks.


Does Your Bond Portfolio Contain Hidden Risk? (Invesco)
If you’ve shortened your bond duration due to rising rates, you may be vulnerable to market volatility.


Factor-Based ETF Investing Goes Int’l (MainStay)
There are plenty of factor ETFs in the U.S. market, but they’re now growing abroad.

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