Wed. Hot Reads: Leveraged Gold ETF Heats Up

July 18, 2018

Compiled by staff

All Eyes Glued To High-Volume Leveraged Gold ETF (Bloomberg)
'NUGT' traded more than its entire size in volume Tuesday.


O'Leary: Bitcoin ETF Will Be Good For Market (CNBC)
The 'Shark Tank' star discusses the cryptocurrency market and regulation.


Sustainable Investing Grows In Popularity (MarketWatch)

Despite growing support for ESG, skepticism remains about performance.


Growth In S&P 500 Options Usage (Indexology)
A look at how usage of Cboe-listed options has grown since their launch 35 years ago.


Can You Get Alpha Out Of ETFs? (Seeking Alpha) 
The results of one study suggest that it may be possible. 


The Short- & Long-Term Fate Of Emerging Markets (WisdomTree Blog) 
A recap of recent discussions on the topic of emerging markets.


A Framework For Evaluating Low-Volatility Funds (Morningstar)
There are five important investment process questions to ask before buying a low-volatility fund.


The Bumpy Ride To Brexit (BlackRock Blog)
Why investors in UK assets should expect a bumpy ride as UK-EU negotiations unfold.


Yield Curve Anxiety (Indexology) 
The yield curve is heading for an inversion, but a recession may not follow immediately on its heels. 



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