Wed. Hot Reads: Looking Beyond Midterms

November 07, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Markets: Other Events May Trump Midterms (Barron's)

Stock market cares more about earnings.


Wall Street's Math Hustle (Institutional Investor)

How financial industry's embrace of bad math is BS.


Alpha Within Factors (O’Shaughnessy Asset Management)

Research paper outlines quant strategy for getting granular within factor groups.


JP Morgan Trader Guilty Of Manipulation (CNBC)

A 13-year veteran of the firm says he manipulated precious metals futures prices for years.


Too Many Funds, Too Few Investments (WealthManagement)

Some advisors see red lights flashing with ETFs, hedge funds and commercial credit.


Trading In Biggest Nat Gas ETF Heats Up (Bloomberg)

U.S. natural gas ETF "UNG" saw 3X average traded value Monday.


Why Invest In Companies Focusing On Diversity? (BlackRock)

The investment case for inclusion.


Cryptocurrencies Up As Comment Period Ends (International Business Times)

Time to comment on bitcoin ETF proposals over; market awaits regulators’ decision.  


National Bank Of Canada To Launch Its Own ETFs (Globe & Mail)

Bank is fifth Canadian bank to enter ETF business; four new funds expected to launch soon.

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