Wed. Hot Reads: Ray Dalio’s ‘All Weather’ Portfolio

December 12, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Dalio: Portfolio Strategy To Weather A Financial Crisis (CNBC)
Dalio has a simplified "all-weather" asset allocation formula that just about any investor can use.

Bitcoin Was A Bubble & It Popped (Bloomberg)
Millennials, like generations before them, just got a painful lesson about speculation.


ETF Buyers Want Exposure To Everything But US (Bloomberg)
BlackRock's ex-US "ACWX" took in a record $358 million last week.


ETFs Haven’t Skewed Correlations, Liquidity Or Alpha Opportunities (Alpha Architect)
Concerns that ETFs are negatively impacting markets aren't supported.


Portfolio Of Leveraged ETFs Vs. Benchmark Asset Allocation (Quantpedia)
Can leveraged ETFs be part of a diversified, long-term portfolio?


Factor Investing Goes Multi-Asset Class (MSCI)
Move to factor investing in equities has been felt across investment industry.


1 Stock Market Constant (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Spoiler alert: It's the risk of loss. 


Why We Upgrade US Govt Bonds (BlackRock)
Investors need to more carefully balance risk and reward.


2019 Japan: Structural Reform Comeback (WisdomTree)
The key to unlocking Japan's markets out of the current "value trap" consensus.


Private Companies Growing, But Trade Wars Worry Fund Managers (Institutional Investor)
Fund managers fear geopolitical tensions may derail growth of companies they hold.


Active Funds Fail To Maintain Performance (Institutional Investor)
New study: Few active mutual funds stay at the top of their game over time.

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