Wed. Hot Reads: Retirement Investing With ETFs

April 11, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Do Cheap ETFs Have Your Retirement Covered? (CNBC)
Cheapest 20% of funds dominate the race for investor dollars.


Can Humans Understand How Robots Invest? (Bloomberg)
AIEQ’ picks stocks using AI. That requires a leap of faith.


Ritholtz: Millionaire Mindset Never Made One Rich (Think Advisor)
Jamie Dimon isn't performing visualizations. Ray Dalio doesn't have a dream board.


Place To Go For 700 Commission-Free ETFs (MarketWatch)
Firstrade Securities will be the largest no-commission ETF platform.


Nervous Investors Pile Into Gold ETFs (Bloomberg)
Holdings in all bullion-backed ETFs tracked by Bloomberg extended their ascent to the highest since 2013.


How Markets Would React If Trump Fired Mueller (CNBC)
Stocks would likely go into free fall, the dollar would weaken and investors would “panic buy.”


Should You Worry About Tax Efficiency Of Vanguard ETFs? (Morningstar)
Their unique structure makes them more vulnerable to capital gains.


Manager Selection Critical For Alternatives Investors (Invesco)
Difference between top and bottom performers can be significant.


Will Mueller Be Good For Gold? (Barron's)
Maybe all Michael Cohen needed were a few Krugerrands.

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