Wed. Hot Reads: Style Investing In Fixed Income Works

May 30, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Style Investing In Fixed Income (Alpha Architect) 
Combining factors in fixed-income investing can produce good results.


Diversification Works As Advertised (Reformed Broker) 
Diversification has done what it's supposed to during recent market volatility.


Political Drama In Europe To Lift Safe Haven ETFs (Zacks)
After a respite, global stock market faces woes from Europe.


3 ETFs To Trade On No. Korea Uncertainty (Investopedia)
Seeking exposure to the defense sector? Consider “XAR,” “ITA” and “PPA.”


Skill In Sports & Fund Management (Indexology)
It's easy to recognize athletes who are good at what they do, but there's less evidence of skill in active management.


This ETF Holds Stocks Insiders Want To Own (Nasdaq)
DON” shows 10.4% of holdings have seen insider buying within the past six months.


Strategies For Women To Bridge Retirement Shortfall (Morningstar)
The unique challenges women face as investors, and helpful tips.


Why Markets Are So Scared Of Italian Political Drama (CNBC)
Stocks sold off and investors sought safety in Treasurys and the U.S. dollar.


Biggest Risk To Investors? US Trade Policy, Not No. Korea (Institutional Investor)
BlackRock’s new tool to evaluate geopolitical risk for portfolios.


Fixed Income ETFs Take Center Stage (Think Advisor)
As interest rates rise, so does interest in bond ETFs.

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