Wed. Hot Reads: Top July ETF Stories

August 01, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Top July ETF Stories (Zacks)
ETF events that pulled the strings of market movement.


Treasury Bonds The Only Bonds You Need (Advisor Perspectives)
Their returns are just as good as those of other investment-grade bonds.


3 Biggest Hurdles To A Bitcoin ETF? (MarketWatch)
Investors treading carefully on contentious bitcoin ETF debate.


3x ETF Could Cause Problems For 'GDX' (Bloomberg)
“Tail wagging the dog” could turn up in gold miner funds.


Wage Growth Hits Highest Level Since 2008 (CNBC)
Employment cost index rose 2.8% in second quarter, biggest increase since third quarter of 2008.


Trade War Could Spark Recession (Barron’s)
“Someone needs to flinch first.”


2 Topics That Could Derail Bull Market (Think Advisor)
Separating the noise from the news.


Why Is Telecom Becoming Communication Services? (Indexology)
Explaining the upcoming change to the Global Industry Classification Standard.


Factor Or Anomaly? Analyzing ETF Flows (ETF Stream)
Deutsche Bank research paper looks at what happens during quarterly portfolio rebalancings.


Chart Goodness Vs. Chart Crimes (Abnormal Returns)
Too often, financial charts are misleading.


Live & Die By The FAANG Stocks (Barron's)
Nasdaq-100—and 'QQQ'—are tied more than ever to the FAANG stocks.


Indexing Cap Gains To Inflation Would Be Tax Windfall For Advisor Clients (Investment News)
Treasury Department proposal may also open up arbitrage opportunities.


Opportunity Behind Emerging Market Sell-Off (Invesco)
Trade tensions, macro concerns and a strong U.S. dollar add volatility and possible opportunity.

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