Wed. Hot Reads: Where Poker & ETFs Converge

November 21, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Poker Aces Playing Key Hand In $5T ETF Market (Bloomberg)

Harnessing poker prowess and game theory, Susquehanna now key ETF player.


Should ETFs Be Used As Benchmarks? (Spaulding Group) 

They're investable and their performance is net of fees, for example.


Housing Faltering. Maybe Fed Will Notice (Barron's)

Will Fed start paying attention to deterioration in this sector?


Hunting For Elusive 'Neutral' Rate (BlackRock)

What is the neutral rate of interest? And why should investors care?


Gundlach: Stocks Still Too Expensive (CNBC)

Longtime bond investor also says American stocks not in a deflationary bear market. 


Small Cap Allocations Not That Straightforward (MSCI)

A look at two approaches to capturing the low size factor in a portfolio.


Switzerland's Crypto ETF (ETF Stream)

One step forward, two steps sideways.


Wiped-Out Fund Manager Confesses Losses On YouTube (Bloomberg)

James Cordier cites volatile trading in natural gas and crude oil.

Morgan Stanley Unveils New Advisory Platform (ThinkAdvisor)

WealthDesk consolidates many applications; likely advisors' preferred way to operate in future.


Directionally Right & Precisely Wrong (Newfound) 

Portfolio construction can reflect one's deeply held beliefs as much as investment objectives.

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