Wed. Hot Reads: Why Gold Looks Cheap

July 25, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Why Gold Looks Cheap (BlackRock)
Gold, notoriously difficult to assess, starting to look inexpensive.


7 ETFs For A Complete Retirement Portfolio (Motley Fool)
These funds provide exposure to every major asset class, with ample diversification.


SEC Delays Direxion Bitcoin ETF Decision (CoinTelegraph)
Agency wants “sufficient time” to consider proposed rule change.


Bitcoin Surges As ETF Speculation Fuels Rebound (Bloomberg)
Hope springs eternal for bitcoin diehards regarding prospects for first cryptocurrency ETF.


Young Investor’s ETF Strategy (Seeking Alpha)
Adding ‘SCHF' to this cohort’s portfolios is an attractive approach.


Trump To Offer $12B Aid To Farmers Hurt By Tariffs (CNBC)
Announcement came hours after Trump tweeted: "Tariffs are the greatest!"


ETFs, Smart Beta & Factor Exposure (Factor Research)
Do smart-beta ETFs provide desired factor exposure? Depends on how you define it.


Bitcoin The New Gold? (Forbes)
Trade war could make this crypto asset investors' new preferred safe haven.


Indexing With Large Caps At The Core (Indexology)
Deep dive: how large-cap investing works in India stock market.


Brokerages Balk At More Commission Cutting (InvestmentNews) 
TD Ameritrade is just the latest company to say it won't lead in cutting commissions on ETFs.


Before You Buy Regional ETFs ... (Seeking Alpha) 
Investing in regional ETFs could result in poor sector diversification.


Investors Have Failed To Time Currencies With Hedged ETFs (Morningstar)
Attempting to time changes in foreign-exchange rates hurts long-term performance.


Asia Feels China’s Declining Economic Health (Invesco)
China’s weakness has opened the door for new investment opportunities in the region.

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