Wednesday Hot Reads: Biblically Responsible ETFs Offer A New Twist

March 01, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Biblically Responsible ETFs Offer A New Twist On Value Investing (Bloomberg)
An institutional brokerage firm is offering a novel way to pursue … well, values investing. Whether they are successful remains to be seen, but some previous attempts to give ETFs a religious wrapping paper have proved underwhelming.


Corporate Bond ETFs Remain Popular (Yahoo Finance)
Even amid fears of multiple interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve this year, investors continue pouring into fixed-income exchange-traded funds.,after a record year of asset gathering for bond ETFs.


Why Mutual Funds Could Be On Their Way To Another Lousy Year (CNBC)
Conditions are ripe this year for mutual fund managers to outperform the market after years of lagging it.


Uncommon Sense: 3 Signals For Gauging The Bull Market’s Longevity (SPDR Blog)
As the stock market hits milestones, investors are wondering whether this is “as good as it gets.” Here’s what to watch out for.


Credit Vs. Rates: What’s Been Driving Performance? (WisdomTree)
After several years of tepid performance from active managers, a defining trend in asset management has been the titanic shift in preference toward passively managed strategies. While this has long been a trend in the equity world, we’re beginning to see similar trends in the fixed-income market.


Buffett Bets Big On Vanguard (Vanguard)

Many mocked it, but the "Oracle of Omaha" may have the final word. Indexing has come a long way and has lessons for active investors, Bill McNabb says. 


Trump & Elections Angst Combine To Boost Europe Gold ETFs (Bloomberg)
Investors poured almost $906 million into a Frankfurt-listed gold ETF this month, on course for its biggest inflow since inception in 2007.

Trump Was Going To Kill Mexico’s Peso. It’s Doing Just Fine (Bloomberg)

The peso is on an upswing since the inauguration as Trump moderates trade rhetoric.


China On An Upswing (BlackRock Blog)

Sentiment shifts on China as the country starts to see the benefits of supply-side reforms.


Why ‘Rich Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Still Thinks The Market Is About To Crash (MarketWatch)
Kiyosaki has been anticipating a market crash for a while now, and sees no reason to change his view.



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