Wednesday Hot Reads: 3 Charts Explain High Yield Bond Sell-Off

November 15, 2017

3 Charts: What High Yield Sell-Off Means For Risk Assets (SPDR Blog)

While all three major U.S. stock market indices posted losses, last week’s high-yield sell-off garnered the most attention.


Cryptocurrencies: 'Pump & Dump’ Scams Abound (Business Insider) 
It can get very "Wolf of Wall Street" in this space.


Some Dividend ETFs May Ax GE (Benzinga)
General Electric’s shares plunged 7.5% Monday.


Navigating The World Of Exotic ETFs (Financial Planning)
They might be more for speculators than investors.


Bond Market Crash Growing Worry (CNBC)
22% of respondents to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's survey say their greatest worry is a sharp drop in bonds.


Richest 1% Own Half The World's Wealth (ZeroHedge)
A Credit Suisse report lays out the biggest reason for the recent "anti-establishment" revulsion.


7 Vanguard ETFs To Build A Total Portfolio (Investor Place)
These Vanguard ETFs will get your portfolio up to speed for a pittance.


Surprising Way Bond Market Matters For Stocks (BlackRock)
Bond market can impact whether high stock valuations can be sustained.


'ITEQ's Best Move Was Avoiding Israel's Worst-Performing Stock (Bloomberg)
Some ETFs' appeal lies in what they don't hold.


How To Raise 20 Billion Dollarz (Reformed Broker)
Create funds that let you say "I told you so" after market crashes.


BlackRock's Fink Learns To Live With Activist Investors (Reuters)
Firm becoming more open about how it moves money into its ETFs.

Know When To Hold 'Em & When To Fold 'Em (SSRN)
Research paper investigates factor-based strategies in the cryptocurrency space.


Venezuela Not Big Problem For ETF Investors (Morningstar)
Investors need to understand underlying indexes.

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