Wednesday Hot Reads: 3 ETFs To Help You Build Retirement Wealth

May 31, 2017

Compiled by Staff


3 ETFs To Help You Build Retirement Wealth (Madison)
VOO, VYM and SCHH are three ETFs that can get you started toward a financially comfortable retirement. 


How, When & Where Will Regulators Accept Bitcoin ETFs? (CoinDesk)
Will bitcoin ETFs ever be accepted by regulators in the U.S. or abroad?


5 Big Reasons People Still Skeptical About Bitcoin (Bloomberg Markets)
There's a list of concerns for many investors when it comes to the cryptocurrency.


BlackRock Expects Windfall From Insurers After New ETF Regulations (Reuters)
BlackRock expects $300 billion in new money from insurers to flood into the already-booming bond ETF sector over the next five years.


Will Small-Cap ETFs Regain Their Glory? (FMD Capital)
Small-cap stocks are often thought of as the growth engines of strong market cycles. 


Large-Cap’s Growth Spurt (MainStay Investments)
After trailing value stocks for much of 2016, growth stocks started outperforming in January 2017. Can it continue?


Is It Time For Long/Short ETFs? (Seeking Alpha)
Valuations are high, which could mean it’s the right time for a long/short strategy. 


Academic Research Insight: Factor Investing Over The Long Run (Alpha Architect Blog)
A look into the performance of three key factors at the global level over a period of decades.


The Biggest Emerging Market ETF Doesn’t Hold Some Of The Biggest EM Stocks (MarketWatch)
A quirk in FTSE's index methodology means Vanguard's EM ETF 'VWO' misses out on some big companies.


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