Wednesday Hot Reads: 3 ETFs For Tax-Loss Harvesting

November 29, 2017

Compiled by Staff


3 ETFs For Tax-Loss Harvesting (Nasdaq) 
Energy, telecom and volatility are areas that can be exploited at tax time this year.


Bogle: Avoid Bitcoin Like The Plague (Bloomberg)
Bitcoin has been on a spree, but the legendary investor thinks you shouldn't pull your money from the S&P 500 just yet.


Bitcoin Futures Battle (SeekingAlpha)
CBOE and CME announced they’ll soon trade cash-settled bitcoin futures. One of them will likely dominate due to the network effect.


ETF Winners & Losers If FCC Repeals Net Neutrality (Yahoo)
Telecom funds stand to win, FANG members could lose.


BoJ Returns To Net Profit On ETF Holdings Surge (Kitco)
Unrealized earnings from fund holdings reached record in 2017.


Managing Asset Price Mania (Like Bitcoin) (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Don't mix your investment money with your dumb money.


ETF Buyers May Be Making Key Mistake (Bloomberg)
European securities regulator sees investors focusing on diversification over due diligence.


Don't Bet Against Bitcoin Trend Yet (Seeking Alpha) 
Traditional analysis doesn't apply regarding emotion around bitcoin.


The World Is Flat, At Least For The Yield Curve (WisdomTree)
Flattening of yield curve has been overarching theme year-to-date.


Great (Stock) Expectations (ZeroHedge)
Consumers’ expectations for stock market gains have never been higher or more assured.

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